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Upskill & Reskill Your Employees

Upskill & Reskill Your Employees

On-premise, Hands-On &
Business Use-Case based Training

Opportunity to learn and build  your organisation’s IT & analytics team capability with customised training on  big data, data science & advanced analytics.

We provide fully hands-on training, tailored specifically for corporates, professionals, and universities using industry business use-cases.



Learn Big Data Technologies, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence,  Data Mining, NLP, BI &  Cloud Platforms from  industry practitioners.

Big Data / Hadoop / Infrastructure

Our practitioners train you to meet industry demands and share their industry knowledge, right from the overview of Hadoop ecosystem, big data architecture design, implementation to administration.

Analytical & NoSQL Database

Our database training course covers design schemas, model building to minimize latency on massive datasets that process a multitude of operation records. Our practitioners help participants to gain competency in database technologies, as per customer needs.

Data Science & Advanced Analytics

Designed to meet your learning needs with respect to analytical tools. This training helps participants to gain extensive knowledge in tools & technologies like RapidMiner, R, Python, Microsoft Azure + Machine Learning, Spark + MLib,, Google Cloud/ML, AWS +ML & RPA

Business Intelligence

Our team practitioners has an extensive experience in building reports, dashboards, infographics, data visualization and data sharing. Collectively we help participant to learn how to turn data into real business value.

Cloud Computing

Our practitioners will help participant to understand different cloud enviornment, lift & shift apps/data and building work loads in AWS, Azure &
GCP environments.

Our Achievements Till Date


Training imparted to Govt and large IT-MNC in Big Data & SQL


Training delivered across educational institutions on Data Science & Advanced Analytics Tools pan India

Training delivered for various organization across industries in Business Intelligence tools


Technical training delivered to large IT-MNC in Data Analytics

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