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Professional Certificate Course In
Data Engineering On Cloud Platform

Accelerate Your Technical Career with India’s most advanced
Data Engineering with Cloud Computing (AWS) Program

  • 6 Months weekend
  • Live-interactive classes
  • Designed for IT professional with 3+ years of experience

Professional Certificate Course In
Data Engineering On Cloud Platform

Accelerate Your Technical Career with India’s most advanced
Data Engineering with Cloud Computing (AWS) Program

  • 6 Months weekend
  • Live-interactive classes
  • Designed for IT professional with 3+ years of experience

Course Overview

As there is an increasing number of businesses collecting huge amounts of data for business growth & operation, it has become mandatory for the organization to build Data Engineering competency within the  IT team.  The Data Engineer,  Data Architect, and Cloud Infrastructure Engineer are vital members of any Enterprise Data Management team, responsible for data management, optimization, as well as overseeing and monitoring data injection, storage, architecture, security, governance, and distribution throughout the organization. The Data Engineer’s role contributes 60-70% of effort in any data analytics project / model.

In this course, you will get to understand details of data platforms and obtain hands-on experience with modern distributed data analytics (a.k.a. Big Data), and get to know how to use the architecture framework in the AWS cloud platform to create a data lake or data warehouse.

Course Highlights

  • This is a 6 months weekends only extensive program with live interactive sessions
  • 250+ hours of class and labs sessions
  • Covers pre-reading sessions and readiness check
  • Live classes, hands-on practical, live technical demo with environment setup
  • 2-weeks post training Capstone Project covering data pipeline building
  • 20+ hands-on exercises
  • Deep dive sessions on AWS Cloud Platform, Vertica/RDBMS database platform and DevOps environment
  • Learn to be adept at data acquisition, Data Warehouse / Data Lake architecture, data processing and automation using open source tools such as Python, SQL, PySpark, etc
  • Learning and building a reference architecture on AWS Cloud Computing Platform
  • Covers comparative analyses of AWS, GCP and Azure platforms
  • Eligibility / Prerequisites – Graduate IT professional with at least 3 years of experience with knowledge of basic database, SQL, Cloud and basic programming skill (Python, Java etc.)
  • Selection Criteria – Experience, Interview & Assessment
  • Career Progression - From Data Engineer, Data Architect, Cloud Architect, Enterprise IT Architect to Chief Data Officer; with this course you will be well positioned for upward mobility
  • Training from senior Data Architects of Aptus Data Labs & the Analytics Industry
  • Course content has been designed by Aptus Data Labs , Industry experts & Academia
  • Exclusive mentoring from Industry Experts and Aptus Data Labs Team
  • Certificate issued by AptusLearn (upon successful completion of course)

Course Benefits

The need for data engineers is increasing steeply every year. Data engineering is actually 60-70% of effort in an IT organization. The need for knowledge in data engineering technologies has been increasing (see figure 1- source: The global data management skill and opportunity market is expected to grow from USD 77.9 billion in 2020 to USD 122.9 billion by 2025, at a Compound Annual rate of growth (CAGR) of 9.5% during the forecast period (figure 2 – source:

A snapshot of data management tools of data engineer role and related demands is mentioned below.

Enterprise Data Management Market By Region
Data Engineering

Become Expert in Data Engineering

Learn and apply the various concepts of all relevant Big Data tools like PostgreSQL, Advanced SQL, Python & Spark; to build data architecture with DWH/DL framework & on AWS platforms

Cloud Computing

Become an Expert in Cloud Computing (AWS platform)

Learn and apply all relevant components and tools of the AWS platform to successfully build a data architecture

Devops Programming

Become proficient in DevOps and Programming on Cloud

Learn DevOps concepts in the AWS platform and major programming languages to become a data engineer

Architecture and Big Data

Hands-on exercises with architecture and Big Data

20+ hands-on exercises and 250+ hours of interactive sessions to become expert on data architecture and value management. You will learn about Big Data Analytics Frameworks, Storage, and Databases

Data Decision Framework

Become a pioneer in Data to Decision making Framework

Understand data flow and the data used in the organization for decision making

Career Progression

Career Progression – Data Engineer to Info Architect

Play a successful data engineer’s role from Data Architect through Cloud Architect, Information Architect and chief Data Office

Why AptusLearn’s Data Engineering with Cloud Platform is different from competitors

Program featuresAptusLearn’s Interactive DE-CC ProgramOther online cloud program
Extensive curriculum with
Data Engineering on Cloud Platforms with
industry mentoring​
Covers both big data and cloud
platform with AWS, PostgreSQL, Python,
Linux & DevOps
No mentoring and online
course content - difficult to
grasp concepts without
Hands-on practice & labs activitiesYes,
20+ hands-on projects/labs activities
Minimal or no labs activities
Data Migration and Microservices
Building data lake / data warehouse
Building reference data lake
or data warehouse architecture
with batch pipeline
Building batch data pipelines on AWSYesNo
Access to AptusLearn LabsYesNo
Unlimited access to source code and
documentation (GitHub)
Delivery modeInstructor-led / Live interactive
Online self-learning video / text
material without any
Capstone project / Remote InternshipYes,
covering end-to-end pipeline
AptusLearn guide the participants
In some cases

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The Curriculum: Data Engineering with Cloud Platform Program

The curriculum is designed for IT professionals with a minimum of 3 years of experience and basic knowledge of database, SQL, Python programming, with or without knowledge of cloud computing (AWS platform). The course covers an overview of cloud computing, AWS platform & its components, database & advanced SQL for data modeling & design.

DescriptionCover advanced database concepts such as using indexes, partitions, complex SQL writing, analytical functions to speed up SQL queries within business functions.

DescriptionAn overview of the AWS cloud computing platform with IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS concepts with AWS architecture, AWS products like S3, EC2, VPC, Route 53, Lambda, IAM, Redshift, RDS, DynamoDB, and other functions. Also covers various services within the AWS platform.

Description : Covers advanced programming for data manipulation, data management & data processing using libraries.

Description : Learn to create relational and NoSQL data models to fit the diverse needs of end-users. Use ETL or open-source tools to build databases in PostgreSQL or any other RDBMS and Apache Cassandra.

Description : Sharpen your data warehousing and data lake skills and deepen your understanding of data infrastructure. Create a reference data architecture and cloud-based data warehouses on AWS.

Description : Understand the big data ecosystem and how to use Spark or Python to work with massive datasets and processing. Store big data in a data lake and query it with Spark/Python or other tools in the AWS.

Description : Schedule, automate, and monitor data pipelines using tools like Apache Airflow. Run data quality checks, track data metadata lineage, and work with data pipelines in the production environment.

Description : Combine what you’ve learned throughout the program to build your own data engineering portfolio project using PostgreSQL, Cassandra, AWS, Python, Spark, Airflow and many other tools.

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The faculty comprises senior architects or director-level architects with experience in data engineering and cloud computing. 80% of faculty are from the industry and 20% from an academic background.

Our helpline numbers are always available for you to contact for any doubts, issues, or help with the program.
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The course contains comprehensive sessions on various modules, and there will be projects/tasks related to the same. Capstone projects will constitute a major portion of the assessment.

Course Fee
₹ 1,00,000/- + 18% GST

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“The AptusLearn PG Diploma program opened up unlimited possibilities for me, otherwise I would have been lost in the crowd without direction. Forever thankful for exposing me to new opportunities.”


Karan Mitra

“This PGDDS course gave me first hand experience of what it is like to be working in fast paced corporate environment, researching, designing, developing, delivering hardcore data analytics solutions.”

Karan Mitra

Debabrata Mohanty

“Got placed during the COVID-19 outbreak period in DesignX company, my learning and the AptusLearn team helped me in my career. Thank you!”

Debabrata Mohanty

Learning Outcomes

You will learn to design data models, build data warehouses and data lakes, automate data pipelines, and work with massive datasets in a data architecture framework and cloud platform. At the end of the course, you’ll combine your new skills by completing a capstone project on data engineering on the AWS platform

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