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Data engineering with cloud platform - The best career in data and analytics function of an organization

Sanjana Melody 

December 14, 2020

With the current economic instability and changes in regulations based on the current situation, companies all over the world are facing uncertain demands, complicated supply chains, shrinking product life cycles, and decreasing revenues. In such a dynamic scenario where no one can accurately predict what might happen next, cloud computing is paving the path to an efficient, sustainable, and flexible growth journey for companies across all sectors. According to Gartner, the cloud market would grow by 16.6% in 2020 (around $248.8 billion), and around 90% of companies worldwide across all industries would adopt cloud services by 2022.
With this growth, even data engineering on the cloud is in vogue now. Several big companies, such as Google and IBM are offering courses on data engineering on their respective cloud platforms. Such rapid growth and migration prove that cloud computing is the future of data engineering and analytics. Knowing this fact will help to understand how data engineering on the cloud platform would be the best career choice in the data and analytics field in an organization. Let’s see what skills are required to become a data engineer on the cloud platform.

Skills required to become a cloud engineer

Some of the most vital skills required to become an expert on data engineering in the cloud platform are:

1. Storage

The most important aspect of the cloud platform is the storage it provides. An efficient cloud storage system means seamless data ingestion, extension over multiple data centers, enhanced security, data archival, reliability, deployment, cost optimization, and disaster recovery. Companies also have the option to choose from public, private, and hybrid cloud storage types, so in-depth knowledge on how cloud storage works are required.

2. Migration and Deployment

Migration to the cloud platform comes with its challenges, such as downtimes, security lapses, and time consumption. Some companies are even going for multiple cloud transitions where a seamless migration is needed. So, a cloud engineer must be having an in-depth knowledge of the cloud services offered by the major cloud providers.

3. Serverless Architecture

In this scenario, software projects or applications are not built on the server but instead introduced by a third-party software package. Since this solution eliminates the need for data infrastructure, a cloud engineer must be capable of designing services on server-less architecture that are easy to deploy and scalable with upgrading options.

4. Security and Disaster Recovery

Most companies that have completed their digital transformation now store their data on data centers hosted on the cloud. Sometimes data is stored in multiple data centers across the world instead of a single data center. Business data is confidential; hence the need for cloud engineers to be an expert in cloud security. Working knowledge and skills in Identity and Access Management and Software Development Security is required to protect data from leaks or damages, maintain and track data security, and are ready to respond to any unexpected events.

5. Networking

Since some clients share centralized resources, there is a need for networks on the cloud platform without increasing the number of client devices significantly. Cloud engineers should know all about virtual networks and design networks that meet the user’s demands and are manageable.

6. Containers

Containers are used to pack an application’s code and configurations into a single package. Containers run as resource-isolated processes by sharing the server’s operating system. Working knowledge of cloud containers is an advantage for a cloud engineer.

Though the above list is not exhaustive, the skills mentioned above are vital in becoming an expert in data engineering on the cloud platform. To learn such skills or to hone existing skills in this domain, additional courses are quite beneficial. Let’s see why.

Why is it beneficial to opt for a course

Additional courses not only help you learn technical skills but also test those skills in a final exam that comes with a certification. These courses usually provide a hands-on experience, which is the best way to prepare and practically pass the exam. With multiple projects, modules, and videos, these courses will let you apply the skills you learn during the data engineering course. Those who teach such data engineering courses are industry experts from whom you can gain much knowledge and tips.
A certified course enhances your resume when you search for a job as a certification adds value to the knowledge you learn from these courses. A certificate also assures the hiring company of the skills required for the company’s progress and growth. Most of those who search for data engineering courses have one thought in mind that is about the scope of this field career-wise. Let’s see what indeed is the potential for data engineering on the cloud platform in India?

What scope is there career-wise?

As discussed earlier, data engineering with cloud computing is in demand in India now due to the digital transformation of many big companies. Having a certification in data engineering in cloud computing will get you climbing the career ladder fast. Most companies offer internships after certification, which is an advantageous position in a large IT company. A fast-growing company or a reputed large company will always pay a higher salary and offer more opportunities for career growth within the company.
A career as a data engineer on the cloud platform is always in-demand and growing based on the current and the forecasted scenario in the IT industry.

Career outcomes

Here is a list of career outcomes in data engineering in the cloud computing field.

  • Systems Engineer (Cloud)
  • Network Engineer (Cloud)
  • Cloud Security Engineer
  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Developer
  • Computer and Information-Systems Manager
  • Advertising and Promotions Manager
  • General and Operations Manager
  • Management Analyst

All of these roles are rewarding roles that can be possible with knowledge, certification, and hands-on experience with data engineering on cloud computing.

How AptusLearn can help you

The world of IT is evolving and growing. Staying in step with the emerging technologies is the right and best way to climb the career ladder and enjoy a stable career with multiple benefits. AptusLearn can help you find that career by teaching you or enhancing your skills in data engineering in the cloud. The is a Professional Certificate Course in Data Engineering on the Cloud Platform. 

Specially designed for working professionals, this course is a 6-month weekend to train you in data engineering, cloud computing, cloud programming, and DevOps. You will learn all about data platforms, how to use architecture framework in the AWS cloud platform, and get experience in modern distributed data analytics with this advanced course. Get certified and start an in-demand, stable career now. For more information, please visit

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