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Corporate Training & Workshop
(Data Science and Advanced Analytics)

 We provide instructor-led on-premise and online training tailored specifically for corporates, working professionals and academia. These programs are prepared by industry professionals through application of real world business use cases. AptusLearn focuses on emerging technologies such as digital transformation, Fintech, blockchain, automation, machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and augmented analytics

Our Offerings

1. Upskill/Reskill new hires

Upskill/Reskill your tech talent to master digital transformation by acquiring Data Engineering, Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence & Cloud Computing competencies through customized training and workshops.

2. Data Science Bootcamp

Bootcamps empower new hires accomplish leapfrog skill development in latest data science and advanced analytics competencies at pace that your business demands.

3. BOT Model

Through BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) model, we screen, assess, hire, train raw talent and groom them for real-world skills, experience and challenges before they are deployed as per your business needs.

4. Pre-Book Next Batch

Be the first to pre-book next PGDDS batch so you crash
hiring and training timeline and gain productivity
readiness advantage. Also grab an opportunity tailor
PGDDS curriculum as per your organization
requirements to accomplish complete skills fitment in
true sense.

5. Hire From Us

We invite you to evaluate our learners for various roles at
your organization and we are confident that with their
new skill sets, our learners will be star performers at your
company. AptusLearn talent is Highly committed &
Experienced, Evaluated and Graded on real-world
projects by industry experts and 100% job ready with
verified skills.

Benefits For Corporates

  1. We offer businesses deliver assurance to their employee with our upskilling/reskilling programs so they can adopt new roles that technology is brining in.
  2. Our Programs, trainings & workshops brings optimism to the workplace than fear.
  3. We transform businesses into data-driven organizations so your business
    1. 23 times more likely to acquire customers,
    2. 6 times as likely to retain customers, and
    3. 19 times as likely to be profitable.
  4. AptusLearn Upskilling programs help reshape business operation by adopting data analytics, artificial intelligence and robotics etc.

Core Areas of Training & Workshop

Data Engineering​

Our training covers SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, analytical databases (Vertica, Teradata), NoSQL databases (Cassandra, MongoDB), Hadoop platforms(MapR, Apache),data integration & governance tools like Informatica, Talend, open source ETL and data processing technologies(spark, python) etc.

Advanced Analytics​

Master machine learning and data mining tools and
technologies through continuous business
algorithms development. Learn machine learning
(Python, R, RapidMiner), deep learning and AI (TensorFlow, Keras, Python) and deployment of these
models into production.

Business Intelligence

Acquire story telling concept using Business
Intelligence and business analytics using concepts,
reports, dashboard, visualization, infographics &
integration with your platform using tools like Tableau, PowerBI, Yellowfin and open source BI technologies.

Cloud Computing

Our focus is to enable you in developing  data and
analytical apps  in cloud platform in AWS, Azure &
Google Cloud platform. Gain hands-on experience in
deployment in these cloud platforms.

Upskill/Reskill your team for success in Digital Transformation

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