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Professional Certificate Course in Data Science

6 Months / Weekends / Instructor-led Live Online Classroom 
Available only in India and South Africa

Professional Certificate Course In Data Science

Heads Up

  • Duration: 6 months (Weekends)
  • Delivery ModeInstructor led / Live interactive
  • Course Eligibility: Working Professionals and fresh graduates with a pass in mathematics
  • Venue: Online Classroom from the comfort of your home
  • Selection Criteria: Interview & assessment 
  • Educational Loan Partners:  ICICI Bank, Propelld, Syndicate Bank, and Andhra Bank.

Course Information

Course content includes statistics, mathematics, databases, machine learning, data mining, business intelligence and advanced analytics. Proficiency gained in data preparation with advanced SQL, the use of machine learning and deep learning to master data analytics, as well as machine learning models validations and model operations in cloud environments. Experience is fostered in business analysis with one of the  selective domains. Knowledge and expertise is acquired with state of the art technology tools and data analytics techniques using real world use cases.

Mentorship is provided in an elective subject by industry experts; career support is provided. Besides the dozens of data science tools, programming languages and technologies, some rare concepts are covered in the course. This is the only live interactive data science professional course with a comprehensive curriculum; it will help position you prominently in your organization.

Comprehensive Curriculum

The course content is among the best on offer online with the added benefit of instructor led interactive sessions.

Exclusive Mentors

Specialist subject experts lead the interactive sessions – deep knowledge and guidance afforded to you.

Out in Front

First impressions don’t always last, the breadth and depth of this course is what will keep you out in front long after.

Data Science Course Highlights

  • Designed for Working Professionals – online from wherever you are 
  • 10+ Programming Languages including industry popular Python & R
  • State of the art tools and technologies such as Power BI, Rapid Miner, Tableau
  • 8 Industry Projects covering the course curriculum
  • Capstone Project that allows one an end-to-end experience in Data Science pipelines.
  • 100% Hands-on/practical lab sessions in live cloud platforms (AWS / Azure)
  • Training from senior data scientists of  Aptus Data Labs &  the Analytics Industry
  • Course content is designed by Aptus Data Labs , Industry experts & Academia
  • Privileged exposure to industry leading experts
  • Exclusive mentoring from Industry Experts, Academia & Aptus Data Labs Team
  • Collaboration with student and mentor communities
  • Certificate issued by AptusLearn (upon successful completion of Data Science Professional course)
  • Career Assistance with Top Firms for top performers
  • Join the progressive and well networked AptusLearn Alumni Club

Master top trending Skills in

Statistical Analysis Predictive Analytics Prescriptive Analytics
Big Data Analytics
Cloud Computing
Buisness Intelligence

Professional Career Opportunities

Data Analyst
Business Analyst
Data Scientist
ML Engineer

Specially Designed for

Working Professionals
Fresh Graduates
Domain Experts


Bachelor’s degree without programming / coding experience with mathematics and / or statistics

Why choose AptusLearn Professional course on Data Science?

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  • Only Instructor-led, online classroom course with 100% hands-on labs
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  • Best Weekend Data Science Professional course for busy professionals and graduates
  • Master data science from the comforts of your home
  • Avail Zero cost EMI


Learning Data Science Technologies, Processes and Tools

  • Database and SQL
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Text Mining and NLP
  • Concept of Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud Platform with AWS
  • CRISP-DM Process and Methods for Data Mining
  • Data Preparation
  • Model Building
  • Model Validation
  • Model Ops and Production
  • Pipeline Building
  • Software Engineering Process
Python Language
Apache Spark
Tenser Flow
R Language
AWS Platform
Apache Kafka
Power BI

Course Curriculum - [240 hours + Hands-on sessions]

DescriptionState of the art data science concepts, associated concepts, problem definition, data strategy, performance metrics, tools, and product-ionization strategies. 

CRISP-DM framework (Data Preparation, Modelling, Evaluation and Deployment) processes used for data science project life cycle that helps in understanding the pipeline building.


Basics of different data models and database systems, SQL for Data Scientists. 

Data Retrieval, Compound Functions, Relational Operators, Sorting, Aggregate Functions, Nested Queries, and Joins. Introduction to NoSQL database.

Hands-on sessions using MySQL and/or PostgreSQL.

Description :

Basics of R Language, build foundations on probabilities, Bayes’ theorem, Probability distributions (Discrete and Continuous), Central Limit Theorem, Descriptive and Inferential statistics (Confidence Intervals, Hypothesis Testing), Statistical Tests, Exploratory Data Analysis: Data Sourcing, Data Cleaning, Univariate Analysis, Bivariate Analysis, Derived Metrics, Descriptive and Predictive analysis required for advanced data analysis.

Hands-on sessions with “R Language” packages and data visualization tools.

Case study on Exploratory Data Analysis.

Description :

Basics of PowerBI, Data Exploration, Data Visualization, Analyzing Data, creating Interactive Dashboards with PowerBI, Advanced Visualizations.

Hands-on sessions using PowerBI data visualization tool.

Description :

Basics of Language, Control Structures, Functions, Logic and Syntax Building, Data Structures: Lists, Strings, Dictionaries, and Stacks.

Searching and Sorting, Recursion, Python Libraries: Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Scikit, and essential data science libraries and packages. Python gives you strong foundation in Analytics.

Hands-on sessions in Python + Boot-camp: “Python in Action”.


Introduction to machine learning, Supervised training in auxiliary concepts and technologies (like Linear Regression, Polynomial Regression, Artificial intelligence, Neural Networks, Decision Trees, Random Forests, K-Nearest-Neighbor, Logistic Regression, Naive Bayes, Support Vector Machines) Machine Learning Models.

Model Selection, Model Evaluation, Validation and Optimization.

Hands-on sessions using Python programming language, libraries & packages.


Learning from Unclassified Data, Clustering (like K-Means Partitional Clustering, Hierarchical Clustering, DB Scan Clustering), Dimensionality Reduction (like Principal Component Analysis, Singular Value Decomposition, Kernel Principal Component Analysis), Ensemble Techniques, Bagging and Boosting, Gradient Boosting, XGBoost, Association Mining, Recommendation Engine and TensorFlow.

Hands-on sessions using Python programming language, libraries & packages Bootcamp: “Machine Learning Model Design using Python programming language”.


Big Data Explosion, Big Data Ecosystem, Big Data Architecture, Big Data Engineering with basic Hadoop concepts and more details of Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform.

Hands-on sessions using AWS Free Tier Cloud Framework.

 Description : Illustrates use of volatility risk analysis models in financial markets through business case studies, data exploration & preparation, data analysis using the tools and languages learnt in other practical courses.

 Description : The students are required to solve practical and real-world industry-oriented project(s) / use case(s) using relevant tools and technologies learnt during the professional program. The entire capstone project will be guided and monitored by industry practitioners.

 Description : Listen to the industry veterans on the trends and happening-live interactive sessions, learn about solutions they used in their organization. It’s an opportunity to understand best practices in Data Science and the Advanced Analytics space.

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Course Fee
₹ 1,00,000/- + 18% GST

Zero Cost EMI options available from leading banks and financial Institutions

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(IIIT-Bhubaneswar + AptusLearn PGDDS 2019 Batch)


“The AptusLearn PG Diploma program opened up unlimited possibilities for me, otherwise I would have been lost in the crowd without direction. Forever thankful for exposing me to new opportunities.”


Karan Mitra

“This PGDDS course gave me first hand experience of what it is like to be working in fast paced corporate environment, researching, designing, developing, delivering hardcore data analytics solutions.”

Karan Mitra

Debabrata Mohanty

“Got placed during the COVID-19 outbreak period in DesignX company, my learning and the AptusLearn team helped me in my career. Thank you!”

Debabrata Mohanty

For Queries, Guidance or Feedback
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Call / Whatsapp : +91 96069  81953 / +91  96069  81951

AptusLearn is a forward-thinking academic venture by AptusDataLabs. We offer postgraduate diploma, certification courses, industrial, corporate training for working professionals and students in the niche field of Data Science. While these courses are offered by experts to bring holistic learning of Data Analytics concepts to aspiring Data Scientists, they also help learners reign data wisdom with utmost precision to solve business problems. The courses are aligned with current industry trends and cover cutting-edge technologies.

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