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A Day in the Life of a Data Engineer
A Day in the Life of a Data Engineer’ is presented here under in the form of a dramatic story.
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The Work Data Engineers & Data Analyst Do
This article has been written not only for those in the Data Analytics field but also for those who want
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Career in Data Science & Advanced Analytics
The world has been changing so dramatically in the 21st century that it’s difficult to keep up with the latest
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Big Data Analytics make Formula 1 cars go faster
Formula One (F1) motor racing is among the top 3 richest sports in the world with some F1 drivers often
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Data Science being used to stem COVID-19
The N-Corona pandemic has shaken and is, without doubt, in the process of transforming much of the world as we
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Eastern India the New Educational Hub : Odisha
The new Education Hub for Data Science & Analytics. It wasn’t seen as fashionable to study in Odisha not so
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Why an MBA is Not Enough ?
Already an MBA or an MBA in 2020? Limited immediate upward mobility for young MBA grads.
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