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AptusLearn is a forward-thinking academia venture by Aptus Data Labs. It offers post graduation diploma, certification courses, as well as industrial training in the niche field of Data Science. While these courses are expert-designed to bring a holistic learning of Data Analytics concepts to aspiring Data Scientists, they also help learners reign data wisdom with utmost precision to solve business problems. The courses are conducted in collaboration with prestigious universities such as IIIT Bhubaneswar, and are aligned to the current industry trends and cover cutting-edge technologies.



To collaborate with leading Indian and global institutes and business partners, to conduct various classroom and online courses in data or business analytics, machine learning, and related tools or packages.


To be an effective leader in providing quality education and skills upgrade, to students and working professionals in areas of data and decision sciences.

who we are

AptusLearn is the brainchild of Big data and Advanced Analytics company, Aptus Data Labs (ADL). Founded with the credo Learn.Yearn.Upturn, the academy envisions to help working professionals and fresh graduates to be market-ready Data Scientists.

ADL believes in disciplining the data to solve business problems. Through several years of business domain expertise and consulting in Big Data Analytics, ADL understands what it takes to make industry-ready astute Data Scientists who can righteously tame the data to answer some of the burning questions of today’s businesses.

AptusLearn’s intense, yet simple to grasp, courses help aspiring Data specialists to acquire proficiency in statistics, mathematics, database, machine learning, data mining, business intelligence, analytics, and applications expertise through the use of latest tools and techniques

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* The full-time PGDDS program is only available at IIIT Bhubaneswar campus.